As we all know, by now we are in mental preparation for the winter season. Suddenly the days are shorter and the evenings longer and we can no longer sit in our back porches in the evenings without donning a jersey. That’s how you know that winter is officially here.
Naturally the cold weather isn’t any gardener’s only concern. What happens with your garden when the new season takes over?
Well, we are here to shows you the best way to deal with your garden so as to keep it looking wonderful this winter season – we are going to beat the cold weather.

Spring – err, autumn – cleaning

The leaves are falling down and coating your once lush garden in an orange and brown pallet. Get rid of all the foliage and debris between your plants and add them to a compost pile. They will be of use to you later on.

Throw diseased foliage away

Out with the old and sick and in with the new and healthy. Use this as the opportunity to get rid of plants that have been giving you trouble and replacing them with new ones. Evergreens are a perfect candidate for a winter garden as they don’t go dormant.

Tidy the beds

This is the part where you move plants around. If you have been meaning to get to this all summer, now is the perfect time to get to it! The soil is still warm and holds a lot of promise, so shuffle your plants as you please before the winter hardens the ground like solid clay.

Lifting tender plants

If you have tender flowers that are not meant to survive the winter, they will need special treatment. The best thing to do is to lift them out of the ground and lay them out in a compost tray. Put them away somewhere cool and dry, somewhere they won’t be affected by the harshness of the cold winter.

Leaf Mould

Rotten leaves will make wonderful mould – add them to your compost pile.


Surround your plants with mulch so that they can maintain moisture during the relatively dry winter season.


Because the winter season isn’t the rainiest of seasons in South Africa, you might need to water your plants more often. Find watering periods that work best for your plants so as to constantly maintain the right amount of moisture in your soil.


Any falling foliage will litter your pond. The best thing to do is to net them so that rotten leaves don’t turn your pond water dirty.

Your lawn

Give your lawn the best cut of its life – it’s autumn now and some rejuvenation can do it some good.


Before you pack your equipment away for the season, give them some TLC. Send your electrical equipment for services while giving your spades, forks and other tools a good wash. This way they will be ready for use the moment the spring gloves come on again.

Best of luck fighting this cold weather during the winter, but be rest assured that your garden doesn’t have to be one of the many winter worries.

Happy gardening