The rose is the flower symbol of love. It is the most beloved flower and will make any woman swoon. Still owning your own rosebush proves trickier than ones admiration for the wonderful flower.

In order to maintain a rosebush, a lot of sweat, tears and the occasional drop of blood is required. But of course one has to start at the very beginning: the basics of gardening tips for roses.

Basics of Treating Your Roses


  1. Sun – Ensure that your roses are located in a nice patch of ground in full view of the sun. Roses are just like the average girl: they like to get their tan on. In order for them to grow into the beautiful flowers that make up the number one Valentine’s Day gift, roses need to bake in the sun for at least six hours a day.
  2. Soil – The soil should be wet, but not so wet that the roses can drown. Organic matter comes in handy when preparing the soil as this will further the growth of your rosebush.
  3. Digging in – Make sure to wear protective gloves when dealing with bare-rooted roses. Keep the rose in water until your hole is ready to use.
  4. Mulch – A 2-3 inch layer of mulch should be placed around the roses.



  1. Watering – Roses should be watered regularly during summer and less so during winter. The soil in which they stand needs to be moist at all times, if not, they will die. Too much water on the other hand could also lead to an untimely death. Ensure your roses meet a better end than Romeo and Juliet.
  2. Inspection – Plants are prone to insect and disease outbreaks. Check your rosebush regularly for any signs so that you can treat it as soon as possible. Black Spot is among the common diseases that attack rosebushes.
  3. Pruning – Roses need to be pruned regularly so that all the old and dead matter can be removed. Though this is the general advice given for pruning, different rose types vary in needs. Before purchasing your roses, check the specified treatment details.

Now that the basics have been taken care of, there are three extraordinarily fascinating tricks that you can try with your rosebush.


Interesting Gardening Tips for Roses


  • Bananas – The phosphorus content in bananas will further the growth of your roses. It is advised to use 2-3 skins of banana peels weekly per plant.
  • Music – The verdict is still out on whether this trick truly works, but if you’re a music lover, this is a sure-fire way to kill two birds with one stone. And it couldn’t hurt – unless the rosebush disagrees with your taste in music. Try a little Verdi, Johnny Cash or even Led Zeppelin. Experiment with your favourite music types and perhaps your roses will benefit – and it will sure make your gardening experience that much more enjoyable.
  • Alfalfa – This contains various nutritious elements that roses crave in order to reach their full potential, such as: nitrogen, iron, calcium, phosphorus and fatty acids. If you really want to treat your roses “Last Meal” style, break out the candles and treat them like the beautiful ladies that they are.

If you follow these gardening tips for roses, your rosebush will be a success, no doubt. If you are the meticulous gardener, then more detailed analysis can be drawn from various sources such as gardening magazines and websites on the internet.

However, if you are the kind of gardener that wants to grow a good rosebush, then this article should suffice. After all, it’s the simple things in life that should really be appreciated, and not all roses are high-maintenance. Still these tools and tricks can be used to make your rosebush stand out so that they may seem that way.


Happy gardening!