There are many reasons to take your garden inside. Perhaps your outdoor space is limited. Perhaps you simply want to spice up your interior décor a tad. Or maybe you’ll use any excuse to get your fingers dirty and keep your mind occupied creatively. Whatever the reason, here are a few super cool in-door gardening ideas that will liven your living space.

Grab a Container

Clay pots are so yesterday, and though that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and change it up a bit, ditch the typical and try something different. Dig around your house to find objects that can serve as a pot, like jars, glasses, egg shells, cups and mugs or even old lightbulbs that you just want to throw away! How would you go about this creatively? Here are a few examples to get those creative juices flowing

Crates, Carts and Shelves

If you feel like kicking the heat up a notch, why not get super creative with experiments? Old crates and boxes can be transformed into an in-door garden to give your home the perfect touch of nature it deserves. Or perhaps you’ve gone green and thrown out your entire collection of books in protest of “Tree Life”? What else would you use your book shelf for, other than to, well, go greener?


DIY Do’s

Sometimes life hands you a really nice looking metal framework and we think, “I’ll use this as a fence one day when I’m older.” Truth is, it will probably never happen, still you end up with a lovely fence or metallic wire creation. And what about that old broken ladder everyone is too scared to use to climb to the roof on? Now is your chance to fight for NOT putting it on the trash heap! See what a nice coat of paint and a few artsy plants can do to transform your fence into an in-door gardening fashion trend!


Clap Your Hands If You Believe

A fairy garden is the perfect way to have a garden without requiring space, time or effort. Its small size ensures that maintenance is easy as pie and it’s a hit with any guest that has an eye for fine details. There is no limit to a fairy garden and you can be as creative as you want to be, combine some of your most immaculate creations and add a little fairy dust to draw the fairies to their new abode.



Don’t let luscious out-door greenery get you down. It just goes to show that you can make the most of what you have as long as you have the will to do it.

Happy Gardening!