Flowers are a wonderful gesture in most situations, be it a birthday gift, a congratulatory gift, or simply an apologetic gift when a situation has gone awry. We have therefore decided to give you 10 Flowers and the meanings behind them so that the next time you’re gifting flowers you’ll know exactly what flower suits the occasion best.


1. Anthuriums

Not only is this beautiful flower heart-shaped and a heart-warming colour, it’s also a symbol of hospitality. Having guests over tonight? Or perhaps you are the guest to a dinner you were invited to? These brilliant flowers make a great impression and will leave anyone feeling comfortable and at home.

2. Cherry Blossoms

This flower of Japanese and Chinese origin signifies the “nature of life”, however they have also have come to be the symbol of femininity.


3. Daffodils

This flower is so bright and beautiful in colour and can only symbolize new beginnings and luck. It’s the best flower to give to anyone before a major performance or at the start of a new job. These beautiful flowers will brighten up anyone’s life!


4. Forget-Me-Not’s

A Forget-Me-Not is exactly what it sounds like. It could be your dearest friend or your worst memory. These lovely flowers are usually gifted with a loving and memorable state of mind, especially when there are a ton of fond memories that go hand-in-hand with the gesture.


5. Gardenias

These flowers are great for Secret Admirers and Mystery. So, when you have a love that you want to send flowers to, you know exactly what flower to choose for the occasion.


6. Jasmines

These classy flowers are a great addition to any flowerpot or vase. They signify modesty, love, sensuality, elegance, nobility and grace, thereby making them the perfect underrated decoration in any house.


7. Lilacs

This flower is the perfect flower to gift unto the youth. Signifying innocence, it’s a lovely and soft addition to your backyard.


8. Orchids

A perfect gift for a strong person in your life, this flower also symbolizes luxury, beauty and love.


9. Rose

Everyone knows the Rose is a symbol for Valentine’s Day, and looking at this magnificent flower it’s easy to understand why. You can almost picture the passion locked away between the silky petals…



The final flower on our list is the trust-worthiest of all the flowers. The violet is the perfect symbol of faith, affection, intuition as well as love. It’s a perfect touch to any make-up after a fight with a loved one!


There you have it. 10 Amazing and beautiful flowers with gorgeous meanings behind each one. Hopefully this will be of use to you in any future flower-buying processes you may undergo.