The sun is coming back around and the flowers are in bloom. That’s right! It’s spring again!

Spring is one of those wonderful seasons that inspire outdoor activity. The awful cold that was winter has left and we want to spend our days outside in the soon-to-be summer sun. Outdoor hobbies get to be enjoyed again because it is no longer a drag getting up in the mornings. And what could be a more fun outdoor activity than gardening?

Gardening is like clothes: we use them to show off how awesome we are. But just like clothes, gardens have their trends, their do’s and don’ts and their various styles.

To stay up to date with the best gardening trends, we have developed our top ten guide of trends to come in spring 2017.

1.   Bright Bold Colours

In this wonderful segment, turns out orange is the new orange! Neutral is out, colour is in. Splash some colour in between the green, stand out and make your neighbours envious with your good style eye. Mix and match colours as you see fit and use this as the perfect excuse to get creative. In fact, get the whole family involved! Colour is fun and we know kids love fun.

2.  Extreme Naturalism

Do you have loose rocks or boulders or even overgrown hedges in your garden that just keep getting in the way? Well, use this to your benefit! Give your garden structure by using nature’s elements. Stack, hang and place them wherever you want. Make this your greatest masterpiece. Even if it turns out to be a Picasso.

3.  Natural Materials

Green looks to be extremely in this season. Natural is always better, so if extreme colour isn’t your thing, find greenery to suit your tastes. With a vast selection of beautiful plants out there, get down to your local nursery today and browse for your future garden!

4.  In with the old, in with the New

A style that’s been trending over the past two years is the mixing of two styles together, namely modern and old-fashioned. In the past, as the modern look took fashion trends by storm, the mixing of the two styles was strictly prohibited. Who would have thought that it would turn out to be a trend? But I have to warn you, it may be tricky to achieve a perfect balance.

5.  Big Plants

Big plants are there to make statements. What else? The best way to take advantage of this trend is to place some of your bigger plants in slightly smaller plots. This will accentuate the plant and it has the benefit that you can place the pot anywhere you wish.

6.  Keep Climate Conditions in Mind

Green is really in this season, and by green, I mean the environmentally friendly type of green. With water being unpredictable and drought weaving in and out of our living conditions, it is perhaps wise to take this into consideration with the gardening situation. Buy plants that need little water and may be self-sufficient in the long run. Your water bill will truly appreciate it.

7.  Backyard Veggies

They say you’ll never eat better than eating from your own garden. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself! With the economy in the state that it is, we can really look at saving a few cents here and there, and why not cut on buying from the local grocer? You’ll practically eat for free and the quality of food is much better. Give it a go today!

8.  Activity Areas

With technology advancing to the point where it’s taking over our lives, we can all certainly agree that outdoor activities are becoming increasingly important. Garden trends certainly agree. Why not build a backyard volleyball court? Or any other court? Sports are fun activities that can be played by the whole family!

9.Tough and Tender

The best balance one could have is between two complete opposite types. Try finding a mix that you enjoy best between tougher, low maintenance plants and softer, more romantic plants. The contrasts truly complement one another and you cannot go wrong. You’d be surprised how well they work together.

10. Natural Dye Gardens

Last but definitely not least, natural dye gardens conclude the last of our trends list. What is a natural dye garden? Well, these gardens contain flowers that are used in creating natural dye for clothes or yarn. If you like making your own clothes, why not combine your two favourite hobbies and get super creative?

Well, that concludes the trends list. May spring gleam with colourful flowers and may your neighbours be just as green (with envy) as your thumb!