It is once again that time of year where we spend time with our loved ones. The malls are packed with people, shops are filled with gift offers, and we are suddenly busier than we have been all year. But that doesn’t mean your garden should suffer! Let it bask in the Christmas cheer with you and be the talk of the town as your neighbours pass by your house.

Do you Wanna Build a Snowman?

Well, you can’t, because we live in South Africa where our Christmases are never white. Not to worry, though! You can buy one or build your own out of any other white substances like cotton wool! It may not be authentic, but it really adds to the Christmas spirit and will be a hit with any onlooker.

Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer

Do you hear the jingle bells as Santa’s sleigh comes flying over your rooftop? Or are your ears deceiving you? Would you risk a glance outside? Try one of these lovely tricks to immerse the whole family in the land of make-believe – or reality, as the kids call it. Magic is in the air and Santa’s time is running out. Make a rest stop for him in your lovely garden and your children will be sure to get the gifts they desire instead of a lump of coal!


Plain and Simple

Not big on Christmas but still interested in making some effort? Try this easy and classic style. Fences are an easy target for Christmas decorations because they are the first thing anyone sees in your garden. Take a step away from the plain coat of paint and treat your fence like a makeshift Christmas tree. And it’s fun for the whole family!

The Big Charade

Really big on Christmas? Then this idea is perfect for you! Bask your garden in wonderful, sparkling colours and light it up like never before. Just watch your electricity bill.

Try different Christmas tree sizes, different colours, even different types! The old traditional Christmases are a thing of the past. Now is the time to live loud and be proud of all your hard work throughout the year! Show off a little bit.

Doorway Glory

Pillars are a wonderful decorative element in design, no doubt, but when the festive glow is in the air, nothing could be more boring. Still, it’s easy to change that! If you have some tinsel left from decorating your fence, go ahead and add a touch of Christmas to your pillars or general entryway to your house. You can never really have too much green.

‘Neath the Halo of a Street Lamp

Low-key is a winner once more in this fabulous idea! More greenery and more Christmas cheer come together to add a festive touch to this otherwise ordinary streetlamp. However, the creativity doesn’t have to stop here. You can always add more colour and dashing effects if low-key isn’t your thing.

There you have it. Wonderful ways to spice up your garden this festive season. Magic is in the air and anything is possible. Don’t forget to leave out the milk and cookies so that Santa Clause can enjoy a taste of your hospitality.

And as always

Merry Christmas Gardeners