The month of love is here again, which means it’s time for a touch of red, white and pink. We then thought, why not incorporate some Valentine’s spirit in your garden? After all, all they truly need is love. So let’s take a look at some awesome decorative ideas for your outside areas this Valentine’s Day!


Roses are Certainly Red… or White… or Pink

If ever there were a right time to invest in a rosebush, this would be it! The rose is the most adoring flower and therefore remains the symbol of Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking into getting a rosebush, colour is of utmost importance, not simply for this day of love only, but for the colour scheme of your backyard as well! When in doubt, go red, because there couldn’t be a classier colour for a rose than that. For tips on how to maintain your rose bush, click here.

L.O.V.E / X.O.

Spell it out for your friends and special acquaintances by using well-crafted letters as decoration for your front door or garden walls. What more can a person want?



Of course we want heart shapes in our gardens! Unfortunately it can’t be Valentine’s Day without hearts, so let’s uncover the many ways hearts can be used in our precious gardens.


Heart Boards

You know that piece of cardboard or wood cut-offs that you’ve been saving for a rainy day? Well this is where they can officially come in handy. Paint it a different colour or stick something heart shaped on it. Hang it up somewhere in your garden to create the perfect Valentine’s ambience.

Heart Flowers

Get super creative in this project and gather all your favourite art supplies. All you really need is paper, a nice pot and cute bows. The rest is up to you! Here are a few examples to follow if need be.


Heart Lights

Fairy lights can be used for many occasions and can be shaped to suit your needs. Create a heart shape and stick/hang it up somewhere where everyone can admire it.

Heart Prints

Imprint your passion in your garden with these cute ideas! In need of something temporary? No problem! Grab a heart shaped stencil and some flour and sprinkle onto your grass. A simple rainfall and your yard will be good as new! Or perhaps you desire some colour for paving or stone paths that you may have at your disposal? Try drawing heart shapes with some colourful chalk!

Stringy Hearts

Talk about playing on heart strings! This adorable idea is crafty and creative. You basically need string, coloured paper and hearts, and voila! Hang these up wherever you want – just be sure to consult the weather report first. The only issue these hearts may have is that they’re not impervious to water.


Heart Shaped Rocks

This is simply a cute idea based on the different colours that one can use. If you happen to have heart shaped rocks lying around, it will be uncannily convenient, but most of us don’t. A trip to a local nursery or market may be in order to apply this cute idea to your garden.

Metallic Hearts

You can any type of metal you can find to create your heart. Perhaps you can use a little bit of wire to create a mould for a beading project, or perhaps you can solder a heart out of iron. If you consider yourself an incredibly handy person, this tip is for you!


And that is about as Valentine’s Day as one can get. It’s all about incorporating V-Day’s main themes and putting your own spin on it. We hope you find these tips useful and use them to your advantage.


Happy Valentine’s Gardening!